Style Dots - We Get It! We Pay It! You Own It!

Style Dots Founders Wendi, Gina, and Karen
How do I keep my business going after I run out of family and friends?

That’s a great question! A great question that very few know the answer to. Why? Because very few direct selling companies are run by people whose livelihood depended on the answer to that question.

When you are looking for a direct selling company to join we encourage you to look for results. The product can be great, the people can be great, the web site can be great but in the end if you are not making the income you desire then what does it matter?

The Style Dots co-founders are “from the field.” We know what it’s like to have your income dependent upon your commission check. So, when we built Style Dots we literally built the company of our dreams. A company that we ourselves would want to be representatives for.

A few of the top things that set us apart:

  1. We are just over two years old and we already have Boutique Partners that have reached the top of our compensation plan. Which means it works!
  2. We give free items even when it’s a single order you have made at a coffee shop.
  3. Our high-quality interchangeable jewelry and snap jewelry is made from .990 deep silver not .925 silver.
  4. Your rank and commission checks are not dependent upon your team members reaching specific rank levels.
  5. We give a “slice of the corporate pie” to our Boutique Directors through our Directors Bonus Pool. You help us build it. We thank you with a bonus!
  6. Real world training that comes from people who have built large national direct sales teams multiple times.

Before you join another direct selling company contact us for a comparison. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised. “Direct to corporate” positions are still available for those with proven leadership experience.

Karen, Gina, Wendi
Co-Founders, Style Dots LLC

Contact us at:
Angie at: (616) 951-7099